2 star rating
Dawn’s Desire
Dark Kings, Book #3
By Donna Grant
Author’s Website:  http://www.donnagrant.com

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dawns-desire-dark-kings-donna-grantDawn’s Desire picks up where the previous Dark Kings installment, Night’s Awakening, left off.  Guy, Banan, Rhys, and Elena have arrived in London so Elena can return to work at PureGems and try to determine who knows about Dreagan and the Dragon Kings, and do whatever they must to protect their secret.

Jane Holden also works at PureGems, as the office klutz, she envies Elena’s beauty and easy grace and finds a day that she just fades in the background is a good day.  But when she overhears her jerk of a boss on the phone one day, she quickly becomes a target by the very person the kings are looking for.  Banan makes it his personal mission to keep Jane safe, while quickly falling for her in the process!

I want to start this review off by saying that I love Donna Grant’s books, the ones I’ve read at least, but this one has actually been my least favorite.  And, a lot of the problem could just be with it being a short story and not having enough time to really connect with the characters.

I had a hard time investing myself in Banan and Jane’s relationship.  Something about it just didn’t ring true for me and I found them hard to believe as a couple.  Maybe it was them falling for each other so quickly after meeting?

Also, I found this story to have a lot of repetition.  I’m getting a little bored with the kings explaining the story of their existence to their love interest in each story and I think when these first three books are combined into one installment, it will be a huge negative for the readers.  But on the plus side at least Con didn’t force Banan to show Jane his dragon, but it came out in a more natural way this time; a situation that made it necessary.

This book was a bit disappointing, but I’m not ready to give up on this series yet.  I still find the Dragon Kings to be an interesting concept and I’m curious to see what Grant does with the upcoming full-length novels of the series!

Oh and look at this fun label I found for the Dreagan’s distillery.  I think it would make a cool alcohol label in real life:)



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