Darkfever (Fever #1) by Karen Marie Moning Book Club Prologue –Chapter 6

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Jack & Rainey (Mac’s parents)
Old Lady in the pub

Summary of book through Chapter 6:

Mac lives at home with her parents in Ashford, Georgia and lives a pretty carefree life.  That is until she gets the news that her sister was murdered while studying abroad in Dublin, turning Mac’s world upside down.  Even more tragic, the Dublin police have given up on finding the killer after only three weeks!!  Mac decides (against her parents’ wishes) that she must go to Dublin and force the police to re-open the case and get justice for Alina.

Once in Dublin, Mac sees one strange thing after another and meets an even stranger man, Jericho Barrons.  She thought that he had the answers she was looking for; what this item the Sinsar Dubh her sister said they must find is.  But after researching what he claimed it to be she knows he’s lying to her thinking she’s dumb.  He even has the nerve to try to get her to leave town.

Favorite Scene:

When Jericho hunts down the place Mac is staying to try to get more information about what he thinks she knows.  I think it showed that Jericho has weaknesses and doesn’t know everything.  It was also a warning to Mac that there is no hiding from him.

Worst Scene:

When Mac went back to the bookstore to confront Jericho about his “lies”.  I didn’t like the way he man-handled her and thought there were better ways for him to get his point across.

Discussion Questions:

1.       If your sibling had been savagely murdered and the police had given up on finding the perpetrator, would you have traveled to that country to force them to re-open the case as Mac did?

2.       Why do you think that Jericho tried to get Mac to leave town?

3.       What would you do after leaving the bookstore in a huff after the last confrontation between Mac and Jericho (end of chapter 6) if you were Mac?

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