Darkest Night

Sons of Broad, Book #1

By Tara Thomas

ISBN# 9781250138002

Author’s Website:  https://thetarathomas.com/

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*Beware of possible spoilers*

Keaton and Tilly were close friends growing up.  They shared their first kiss when they were fourteen years old, but they were torn apart the next day when Tilly’s dad was accused of embezzling from Keaton’s father’s business.  When Keaton got home his mom told him that Tilly’s family had moved to Texas, and when he went there to see for himself they were already gone.

It’s been eight years since Keaton lost Tilly.  He’s recently graduated from college and his oldest brother is anxious to have him join the ranks of the family business.  They are wealthy and there are always women around, but Keaton really doesn’t think one is all that different from another.  Until one night at the gentleman’s club with the guys he’s drawn to a waitress.  When he gets closer, he discovers that it’s none other than Tilly!  He learns that his mother lied to him, they never moved to Texas.  And, worse, his brother has kept in touch with Tilly and her mother over the years.

Things quickly heat up between Tilly and Keaton, but when her coworkers start being murdered Keaton fears for her life!  He eventually convinces her to come stay with him so he can protect her.  A move that greatly displeases his house guest.  Elise has plans that include marrying Keaton, no matter how much conniving she has to do to make it happen!

Keaton and Tilly just found each other and now can’t imagine a life apart.  However, someone wants her dead and finds Keaton’s inevitable mourning to be a nice bonus!  Can they find out who is behind the murders before it’s too late?

I actually really liked this book for the most part.  The story kept me interested and it was a quick read!  The romance between Keaton and Tilly was sweet.  But I do have a few complaints, and those things could just be a result of me reading an uncorrected proof.  There were several grammatical errors, missing words in a sentence, etc.  There were things that happened that weren’t really said in the book.  For instance, Keaton went to talk to Elise, and he left Tilly, who was naked and reading in his room.  He came back after his talk and wanted her to take a walk outside with him, she took his hand and left.  I sure hope she got dressed first, or his neighbors got quite an eyeful!  My biggest complaint though is that often the scene would change and there was nothing to signify this and it got a bit confusing, especially in the beginning of the book.  Adding page breaks would be a huge help to the reader!  All of these complaints are minor in the grand scheme of things and could be fixed before the final book is released, and I hope they are fixed by then.

The Benedict brothers seemed like all around good guys, which is a bit odd for having the playboy reputations that they have.  Kipling is the hard ass of the group, but it was a lot of fun seeing him flirt and tease with the police officer in charge of the murder investigations!  I assume this will be a future book, and I imagine Bea and Knox will have a book as well!

I also have a feeling that their sister isn’t dead and that a certain character fits the bill to be her!

Keaton is a loyal guy, but I felt it was a bit crazy that he was even thinking of meeting Elise’s demands or pretending to go along.  It was even more amazing that Tilly was going along with it instead of telling him how stupid that would be!  I’m glad he eventually came to his senses.

And, boy was Elise a piece of work!  Who wants a husband that doesn’t want them?

The ending of this book didn’t really feel like the end, and I’m curious to see what happens in the next book!  I will definitely be checking it out!

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*