Dark Tarot

Dark Series, Book #31

By Christine Feehan

ISBN: 9780593333174

Author Website: christinefeehan(.)com

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Caro


Adalasia Ravasio is a tarot card reader living in San Diego where she has her shop hidden away in one of the many lively alleys of the city. One night, uneasy of what the future holds for him, Sandu hears Adalasia’s voice comforting him, resembling that of Raven’s in Mikhail’s mind. He is intrigued by the voice who was able to reach him and immediately searches for it. When Sandu finally finds her, he encounters a side of humans that he hadn’t experienced in a long time, a busy night in a street market: live music, restaurants, and art. Among this colorful scene, Sandu finds Adalasia’s tarot shop along with trouble.

Adalasia’s tarot abilities have caught the attention of men working for enemies of the Carpathians. Sandu warns Adalasia, who recognizes the men as the potential people behind her mother’s death. After fleeing the tarot shop, Adalasia learns more about Sandu and his connection to her cards, which have been handed down throughout the generations from mother to daughter. The tarot cards were specially marked by a mysterious Carpathian woman and given to the Ravasio family to protect, along with the task of guarding an intradimensional door which stops demons from entering this world. 

With Adalasia’s help, Sandu realizes that early memories of his younger years have been erased from his mind, but doesn’t know why. As they journey to find answers to Sandu’s past and the mysterious woman from the tarot cards, they enlist the help of other Carpathian men from the monastery who are also trying to find their lifemates. 

I did not expect to feel so much nostalgia from reading this book! As Sandu and Adalasia travel in search of clues to their pasts, the couple comes across previous books’ characters. It almost felt like a Dark celebration part two. To mention a few, they meet Gabriel and Francesca, Dominic and Solange, and Dax and Riley. But not just couples, we also get individual past characters from which we learn interesting information. And any glimpse into what Josef is up to, is always a plus. He’s a celebrity in his own way. I can’t wait for those future books.

Something I really enjoyed about this story was Adalasia being a female warrior capable of fighting side by side with the boys. She’s a strong warrior princess like some of the previous Carpathian female fighters. The jungle scene in South America definitely showed how capable she is to fight alongside Sandu and become part of the Carpathian couples that team up to go against vampires. But she’s not the only female warrior! Eventually, we find out about more women that have become strong over the decades fighting demons. 

There were so many unexpected surprises and nostalgic moments in this book, it’s making me want to reread some of the previous stories. There’s also so many potential characters for a following book, it makes me feel so excited for new stories. If you’re a fan of the Dark series and want to revisit memorable past characters in a Carpathian tour around the world, then this is the book for you!