Dark Magic

Dark, Book #4

By Christine Feehan

ISBN#  9780505523891

Author’s Website:  http://www.christinefeehan.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Gregori is the most powerful of the Carpathians, their healer.  However, he has gone too long without a lifemate and is very close to turning vampire.  He knows that if he’d turn, not any of his race would be able to defeat him.

Luckily, his lifemate has been found and is alive and well.  She wasn’t ready when she became of age and he foolishly gave her five years of freedom.  Five years that have pushed Gregori way too close to his limit.  He can wait no longer, he must claim her now.  Even if she still doesn’t feel ready.

The society that tried to kill Savannah’s mom when she was pregnant with her is back and causing trouble.  Taking in all the fanatics and putting them up to the task of killing vampires.  However, they don’t realize that the head of their society is the very thing they’re supposed to be hunting.

I wanted to like this book, but I just didn’t.  I didn’t like the relationship from the start.  It left me feeling that Savannah was forced against her will to be with Gregori.  And, when she didn’t want to do something he would use compulsion on her, effectively forcing his will.  At first it seemed she was going to fight it and give him hell.  But in the end, she gave in because she felt bad for him.  Really?  Gregori did get better with compromising by the end of the book, but this relationship was already pretty tainted in my book.

I also found the hunting of the vampire to be a real snoozefest. 

This was a book that I just didn’t want to keep reading.  I’m a little concerned that this series is going downhill fast for me.  I loved the second book, but these last two of have not lived up to my expectations.