Dark Gold

Dark, Book #3

By Christine Feehan

ISBN# 9780843958447

Author’s Website:  https://www.christinefeehan.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Alexandria has been scraping by to make a life for her little brother, Joshua, and her.  They live in the most dangerous part of the city since it’s all she can afford.  However, she is interviewing for her dream job drawing for a video game mogul.

Unfortunately, Thomas Ivan is more interested in getting into her pants than to listening to what she has to say.  And, honestly he kind of skeeves her out.   But she’s not above a little flirting if it will help her get the job and secure a future for her and Joshua.

Once Thomas sees Alex’s artwork he knows he must have her on this project.  But then the vampire shows up and ruins their evening.  He kidnaps Alex’s brother to get her to come to him.  He’s determined to make Alex his bride and will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Thankfully the golden hero, Aidan, comes to save the day!  He thinks Alex has been turned and goes to kill her himself, only to discover that she’s his lifemate!  The one person that is meant for him.  The one he’s been waiting for for hundreds of years!  And, he may have accidentally turned her himself!  He kills the vampire and takes Alex and Joshua home with him.  She has been hurt pretty badly by the vampire and she doesn’t understand the difference between Aiden’s people and vampires and she thinks she’s been turned into a monster.  It’s taken over 800 years for Aiden to find his lifemate and he won’t let her go now.  He will do what Carpathian males do and protect his woman at all costs.  Whether she wants him to or not!  There is danger lurking near and Aiden knows it’s only a matter of time before it strikes!

I did enjoy Aiden in this book, even if he could be a bit stubborn at times.  I didn’t find him to be as overbearing as you may expect when dealing with dominate males though.  He even let Alex go on a date with another man, which was quite surprising to me, honestly.  And, I absolutely adored his interaction with Joshua.  I loved how the two teamed up against Alex most of the time.

This book shows how much the Carpathian males are going to have to change if they have any hope of saving their race.  The modern woman just doesn’t take too kindly to be ordered around by her bossy man!

There is a huge time gap between the last book, Dark Desire, and this one.  In Dark Desire, Raven was pregnant with Gregori’s future lifemate.  And, in this book that girl is over 18 years old!  I think the author could have focused on some other areas instead of speeding up the timeline that significantly.  I don’t like the novels being so spaced out and then the books just absolutely dragging when you get to them. They can be very repetitive at times.  I actually really enjoyed this book, but started getting bored towards the end.