Dark Alpha’s Embrace

Reaper, Book #2

By Donna Grant

ISBN# 9781466883390

Author’s Website:  http://www.donnagrant.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

*Beware of Spoilers*

Things are definitely changing for the Reapers now that Death is allowing them to find love, if of course their love interest can prove themselves worthy to Death.  Most of the Reapers are glad to see Baylon so happy with his woman, Jordyn, but not everyone feels that the women have a place with the Reapers, and that they are too much of a distraction and liability.

Despite all the happiness floating around, the Reapers still have a big problem to deal with.  Bran is still on the loose plotting his revenge, and killing all the half-Fae he can find, and none of the Reapers can rest easy until he is dealt with.

Jordyn has found a list of 30 secret books that may have the secrets within their pages that can help in their quest.  So, she sends Talin and Kyran to go steal them from the library.  But the guys didn’t expect the frumpy librarian to be holed up in the room with the ancient texts, willing to fight them to keep the books safe.  The men end up getting the books.   They had good intentions of returning the books to River since she fought so hard for them, but it isn’t until they get the books home that they realize they are each written in a different dead Fae language that they can’t read.  They end up going back to convince River to help them translate the books.  Not only is River half-Fae, but her family has been hunted for generations by a Dark family, once she has a child, they will kill her too once that child is old enough to know all their family secrets.  River has made it her mission to not pass her family’s curse down any further.  She is determined not to have any children so it will end with her.

Sparks quickly fly between Kyran and River (as one would expect), and Kyran promises to stop the Dark from hunting her family.  However, Kyran never expected to discover that it was his family that’s been hunting hers.

This was another enjoyable book in the Reaper series.  I found that I liked the first installment, Dark Alpha’s Claim, better, but this one is still a good read.  Although I found this one to be a bit more predictable, especially where River is concerned.

I liked Kyran quite a bit, and it was nice to read a story about a reformed Dark Fae.  I could only imagine the guilt he’s lived with his whole life over what happened with his sister.  I’m glad he finally has something good happening in his life again and that he was able to help River.

And, speaking of River, it was nice to see a female lead that could defend herself!  She hasn’t lived all these years on her own without being able to take care of herself!

We get a little more info about Cael and Death’s attraction to one another.  I can only imagine that this duo will end up together later on … maybe in the final book of the series.  But knowing Donna Grant that may be quite some time from now as her series do tend to run a bit long!

Another enjoyable read and now on to the next one …