Dark Alpha’s Demand

Reaper, Book #3

By Donna Grant

ISBN# 9781466883406

Author’s Website:  http://www.donnagrant.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Talin has infiltrated the light court as he was instructed to do by Death so he could stay privy to any information that could be gleaned there.  During his stay he has met a beautiful Fae female, Neve, which he has become quite smitten with.  It’s great that Death is finally allowing her Reapers to find love, but as Talin’s feelings for Neve grow, he realizes just how doomed any relationship with her is.  The other Reapers fell for half-Fae females, and because of their human sides were able to know about the Reapers with no repercussions, but since Neve is a full Fae she can never know what he is or it will cause her execution.

Neve is from a well-known Fae family that is highly regarded within the Light court.  As of late, someone has been breaking into her flat and messing with her things and even left black roses on her bed.  She tries to chalk it up to someone playing pranks on her, but when her family is kidnapped and she is poisoned, she realizes just how serious the threat is!

It kills Talin when he learns of what happened to Neve and her family and to know that it’s all because of him.  He knows without a doubt it was Bran that has been coming into her flat and has now poisoned her and kidnapped her family.  He has now even pointed Neve in the direction to discover what Talin is, just so that Talin will be forced to lose the woman he loves, as Bran did.  Neve is in this mess because of him and he will do whatever it takes to help her, even if it means going against the strict rules of the Reapers.

This was another easy to read book in this series, it kept my interest, but was a bit predictable toward the end.  It did lack the big wow factor I was hoping that would surface, but this series is starting to tie in the Reapers with Rhi and the Dragon Kings.  It’s only a matter of time before they are all united in the brewing wars that all the different factions are facing.

I did enjoy Talin and his budding romance, and you can’t help, but feel for the guy with the situation he’s in.  It would have to be frustrating to see your friends get their women with no problems, but because your woman is a purebred to be told your relationship can’t happen.  You just can’t blame the guy for resenting the other couples and I think this is an issue that Death will have to address in the future or she is going to run into the same problem she did with Bran that she was trying to avoid going forward.  Talin has a very real complaint with how if Neve knows the truth she must be killed, but others Death will just make forget …. It doesn’t seem quite fair.

We also got a little glimpse at Daire in this book as he shadows Rhi.  With the various options for Rhi in the romance department, you have to wonder who she will end up with.  Balladyn has loved her forever, but I could never get past him trying to turn her Dark, yet she has forgiven him and taken him as her lover currently.  It appears Daire is also developing feelings for her.  And, then there is her King, a relationship that I always thought would be rekindled as I read through the Dark Kings novels.  It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, but someone is going to end up with a broken heart, for sure, probably a couple of someones.

Now onto the next …. I’m curious to see which Reaper the next book will focus on and how it will all play out.