Cynthia Eden, writer of The Vampire’s Kiss, has shared an excerpt from Midnight’s Master on her official site.

Midnight’s Master is from her Midnight Trilogy Paranormal Romance series.

Today’s snippet focuses on the opening of a book. So, for your reading fun, I’ve posted the first few paragraphs from MIDNIGHT’S MASTER. Hope you enjoy the excerpt!


Having a breakdown in the middle of a live broadcast was really not a very good thing for a reporter’s career.

Holly Storm’s fingers tightened their already white-knuckled grip around the microphone.  Her breath came, too hard and way too fast, as she fought to hold onto her control.

Holly  The reed-thin voice of her producer.

Shit.  Her career was about to hit the toilet.  She dragged her gaze away from the body away from the body that she knew didn’t belong to a human, and glanced back toward the round lens of the camera. H-Holly Storm, reporting to you live from the scene of  A freaking slaughter. brutal murder. Yeah, brutal was a good word choice considering the way the poor guy had been sliced to ribbons.

Get a grip, girl. She couldn’t afford a meltdown right now.

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I read The Vampire’s Kiss book and loved it. It had a great plot and the characters were well developed. I think I might have to check into reading more of her work.

Have you read any of Cynthia Eden’s work? If so, how do you feel about her work? Good? Bad?