3 Star rating
Cry in the Night 
By Carolyn Hart
ISBN# 9780425269909
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Egyptologist Sheila Ramsay develops a new found interest in MesoAmerican affairs after meeting an outspoken—and attractive—Mexico City curator, a harsh critic of museums that deal in stolen art. And her own museum gives her the perfect opportunity to see him again: a valuable Aztec manuscript needs to be returned to its rightful owners, the wealthy Ortega family.

But things don’t go as planned for Sheila south of the border. An anonymous note threatens her with death if she remains in Mexico City. The curator she longed to see treats her with contempt. And the Ortegas are as mysterious as they are charming. What Sheila has stumbled into is much bigger—and more deadly—than she ever dreamed. And amid the splendor of Mexico’s ancient ruins and treacherous hillsides, Sheila will realize that there’s no one she can trust…


Sheila is a museum curator specializing in Egyptology. The story begins with her at a conference. Jeremiah is the speaker; He lectures about stolen art and the harm it does to all collectors/museums.

Sheila returns to work after the conference. She is asked to return an Aztec manuscript. The Ortega family wants it back. It doesn’t make sense because the museum is not yet finished with the manuscript. Shelia jumps at the chance to return it to the generous family.

I love the historical aspect of Cry in the Night. I learned about the Aztecs as well as Spaniards. It is fascinating and I feel the author had a grasp on the history associated with the Ortega family. It enhanced the story a great deal. In some cases, I think it saved the story.

While in Mexico, Sheila gets to know the Ortega family. She also takes the time to see local sites. During an outing she is almost killed by someone trying to shoot her. Why would they consider her a threat? It does not add up; something much more serious is going on. Sheila and Jeremiah are determined to figure it out, although Jeremiah suspects Sheila is involved.

They slowly unravel the mystery. The truth unfolds like a bad soap opera; twists and turns galore. The ending surprised me. I didn’t see that one coming!

Jeremiah is my favorite character from the book. He is so passionate about his beliefs. He is surly and harsh but it is funny. In real life, I would choose him as a friend.

Sheila, on the other hand, reacted oddly to the situations. I don’t feel I understood her much at all.

That said, it’s a good solid story. I think the book appeals to men and women.