The non-stop, explosive experience

CRIMSON: The Motion Picture is an action packed feature film with a comic book theme, currently in the final stages of post production. CRIMSON was filmed entirely in Western New York. Produced by Little Sicily Productions and Executive Producer A.J. Verel (UNSTOPPABLE, Star Trek), the entire production was centered in Niagara Falls, New York, included hundreds of actors and crewmembers, and lasted 18 months.

Written by Michael Shimmel, directed by Ken Cosentino, and starring James Ventry, Gus Posey, Dale Rugg, and Mike Leszczynski as CRIMSON. CRIMSON: The Motion Picture will be finished in entirely within the next two months, and submitted to film festivals such as the Toronto Film Festival and Sundance. It is a strongly character themed film with loads of stunts, effects and comedy, and a unique storyline that has comic book fans eager to see the final product.

Click here to see a teaser clip of the movie.


After my first feature film “Break The Sky” played in Hollywood to a packed crowd, I was left with the feeling
that I needed more. Mike Shimmel brought the rough script for “CRIMSON” to me and I immediately knew he had something. We made some changes, recruited a solid crew, and held auditions. The entire process was a rollercoaster ride, both physically and emotionally. There were many aspects within this movie that I hadn’t explored before, mostly regarding the stunts and equipment. We had guys flying through glass cabinets, nunchuks, explosives, professional fight choreography… the whole nine yards. I have always enjoyed stories with well rounded characters and an anti-hero… this movie has both of those things, and in a big way. Each character is sure to be iconic and enjoyed by a wide array of people. As a production company, we have toured different comic book conventions, and it was a thrill to hear from fans we’ve never met about their anticipation for this movie. If anything else, I have walked away from this experience a better director, and I’m eager to start the next one!


Little Sicily Productions was founded by professional boxer James Ventry in August of 2010. James Ventry holds a Masters Degree in Education, and is a former high school history teacher. Partner and good friend Ken Cosentino has been behind the camera for twelve years and, at the age of 21, is the driving creative force behind the company. Pro-Martial Arts hall-of-famer and professional stuntman A.J. Verel is a newcomer to the company, and very eager to work with everyone involved. Little Sicily Productions is currently in development with producer Justin Sammarco on a nostalgic horror anthology.

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