Crash a Wedding

Single Wide Female: The Bucket List, Book 10

By Lillianna Blake


Author’s Website: lilliannablake(.)com

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My best friend, Max, is a great partner in crime – whenever I can pry him away from his girlfriend long enough. And this week he better help me out – I want to crash a wedding party.

I have a brand new dress and I really want to show it off, so I can kill two birds with one stone. Stone – the British equivalent of fourteen pounds – that’s a lot of weight. I’ve just dropped a dress size so that must be around a stone. Maybe I’ll put it back on again quickly and the dress won’t fit me.

That’s it, Max will be crashing this wedding with me whether he likes it or not. I’m in a race against the chocolate cake and I know I’m going to win it. I think. (Goodreads)


Another hilarious installment of the Single Wide Female: The Bucket List – Crash a Wedding – book #10 in the series by Lillianna Blake.  

I do have to question why one would put crash a wedding on a bucket list of items to do. But hey – I am not one to judge as it is Samantha’s bucket list after all. It certainly provided a number of chuckle worthy opportunities. While Samantha has been running through her bucket list in rapid order, it was time to lighten the mood. She got the idea to crash a wedding from a movie she had recently seen. And of course – Sam feels that taking Max as her accomplice would be perfect. I love his response when she tells him that she would like to crash Kayla and Caleb’s wedding as it is being held in the park:

“So you think it’s important to your development as a person to crash a wedding?”

As Sam and Max continue to talk about crashing a wedding, I was impressed with how articulate Sam was in describing her views on the importance of being married (and then Max has a smart comeback-of course):

“I think marriage is so important to me because it’s a way of saying to my partner there’s no one else in the world that I want to be with.”

“Until it ends in divorce,” Max said.

Might be interesting to see if we learn why Max is so reticent about the institution of marriage. Time will tell I expect.

The distraction that Sam used to get into the wedding was brilliant. And not surprising, the new dress she had for the wedding was one size smaller – and fit! Great to read about her successes in the weight loss department.

A number of mishaps happen during the course of the wedding and the reception (you will chuckle when you read it for yourself!). And the dancing at the reception, a sweet ending with Max showing up. All in all, a fun installment of the series. On to book #11, Be a Movie Extra.