4 star rating
Cookies and Scream
A Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery, Book #5
By Virginia Lowell
ISBN# 9780425260708
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cookies-and-scream-cookie-cutter-shop-mystery-virginia-lowellI really thought this was a well written story and had a lot of different twists to it. It’s amazing how much you learn about a person once they have gone to the great beyond only to find out they are not who you thought they were. This story reminds me of family, of the things we go through and things we overlook in our loved ones because that’s who they are: your family.  It also took the help of family and friends to keep Olivia and Maddie safe and to help find the person responsible for all the trouble brought into the town of Chatterley.

Who knew that the hobby of collecting antique cookie cutters could be detrimental to your health? Olivia has no clue that her hobby of collecting cookie cutters was about to give her a lesson she’s not likely to forget. Shortly after arriving home from vacation and finding her safe crammed full of cookie cutters, Olivia and her friend Maddie get excited by the chance to see a one of a kind collection. Olivia and Maddie own a place called The Gingerbread House in Chatterley Heights, they specialize in cookie cutters and baked treats.   Before Olivia has a chance to settle in, the town is abuzz with the news of it’s newest resident and her vast array of antique cookie cutters.

Greta Oskarson returns to her hometown with an expensive array of cookie cutters and a lot of secrets. Greta’s past is full of dead, older husbands and secret affairs, some abroad and some in her hometown. One night Olivia is woken by a phone call from Greta telling her she can’t breath so Olivia calls the ambulance but while at the hospital Olivia finds out Greta dies and they are calling it natural causes. Olivia feels it’s not what it seems but with her boyfriend away it’s now up to Olivia and Maddie to come up with the truth.

The mysteries of Greta, the town and her deceased best friend start coming to the surface and Olivia is more convinced then ever that Greta was murdered. Now it’s time to set up a trap to find the killer before the person can leave town or maybe even kill someone else. Greta’s past has finally caught up with her but in doing so, the town of Chatterley has a killer in there midst. Emotions, that’s the key to most anything in life and with the help of family and friends Olivia may even get out of this alive.

This was an enjoyable read,  it was interesting the way that new facts kept cropping up to the point that I would change my mind who the killer was. I was really surprised by the way it had ended.  I did not expect the ending.

Now to try out the recipes, yummy. Nothing better than a good book and fresh baked goods.

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