Win A Double Pass To Meet Your Living Sci Fi Gods Face to Face

The closer it comes, the more excited we get.

The first weekend of March is a special one for sci fi fans in Australia. The Hub Productions are hosting a Stargate convention and have managed to secure one of the most impressive Stargate line-ups ever seen, not only just in Australia, but worldwide.

Head-lining the event will be the man himself, Richard Dean Anderson. Richard makes very few appearances, and the impressive line-up continues with Ben Browder and Claudia Black, as well as Christopher Judge. Indeed!

Yep, you heard right! That’s four members of SG1 that will be appearing at this very special event. But it doesn’t end there. Also attending are Dan Shea, Connor Trinneer and David Nykl, all fan favorites.

Stay where you are Australia, we’re coming over!

To add a little bit of a Farscape twist to the event, (with Ben and Claudia both in attendance, who could resist?) Gigi Edgley will also be making an appearance at the Sydney leg of the event.

The Hub have also secured David Blue from Stargate Universe to make sure fans of all Stargate incarnations are catered for. He knows what’s going to be happening in Part 2 of Season 1, so that alone should be worth a question or two.

Julie Caitlin Brown of Babylon 5 fame will also be there to meet her Australian fans, as well as the brilliant artist Jason Palmer, who will be premiering a new line of Stargate pieces created especially for this event.

In all, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Australian fans that you don’t want to miss!

The event will be held on March 6th in Sydney and on March 7th in Melbourne.

To book tickets visit or call 02 9874 7171.

To celebrate the sheer Stargatey joy of it all, we’re giving away two sets of double passes to each event. You could be meeting Teal’c and the gang – for free!

2 winners from Sydney will each receive a double pass to The Stargate Convention on March 6th.
2 winners from Melbourne will each receive a double pass to The Stargate Convention on March 7th


Win An Actual Piece Of The Pegasus Stargate

The massive Stargate props auction has begun. And to celebrate, we’re giving away a piece of a real Stargate!

Stargate Artifacts is hosting a Staragate auction via ebay. They are literally cleaning house on props from Stargate Atlantis and SG-1. Everything from Teal’c’s working Jaffa serpent head to Jack O’Neil’s sunglasses is up for bidding. Yes, there is a fully “working” Stargate also up for grabs. Personally, I’d like the Serpent Guard Helmet.