3 Star rating
Conspiracy of Silence
Space: 1889 & Beyond: Season 2, Book #1
By Andy Frankham-Allen & Frank Chadwick
ISBN# 9781611874105

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For Nathanial Stone and Annabelle Somerset, the most harrowing journey has only just begun!

At long last, Nathanial and Annabelle are back on Earth, but the reception is hardly what they hoped for – Nathanial locked up in Chatham Convict Prison, Annabelle and her uncle Cyrus Grant held in the Tower of London: the charge – treason!

Someone high up in the British government is putting pressure on them for mysterious reasons. But when the Austro-Hungarian ambassador to Britain is assassinated in a gunpowder plot which would have made Guy Fawkes smile, events spin out of everyone’s control.

The clock is ticking down on the arrival of the new Austrian ambassador, and on an assassination plot which aims to cut the heart out of the British monarchy and government. The race to thwart the conspirators will take Nathanial, Annabelle and George Bedford through the heart of Whitechapel at night, to gunpowder barges anchored in the Thames, to seedy boarding houses attacked by infernal clockwork devices and finally to the dizzy heights of a zeppelin docking gantry packed with explosives and where a single spark will mean extinction for all. (Goodreads)


This was an interesting story that was enjoyable, but not what I was expecting. First after having read this one, it seems there are more in this series that were written before this one. While you can read this story as a stand alone, it might be helpful to have read the others in this series to get more  background on the relationships and what has happened in the past.

I wasn’t sure what genre this should go under, there are many that would fit. So here goes. This is a steampunk, light sci-fi because that aspect of the story seems to be told in the past and only bits and pieces, fantasy and there is a decidedly strong political thriller aspect to this story. The characters are all intriguing, with interesting traits.

Recommend for young adults and adults that enjoy a fast, well written short story that has different twists and turns. Keeping in mind that to get the complete flavor of this story it would behoove the reader to read the stories that came before this one.

With that said, I still found it to be an interesting read and when I was finished I wanted to read the next book in this series.