By Jennifer Gibson
ISBN# 9781937329907
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Being a teenager is hard enough. To be hard of hearing on top of that is like being stuck in the middle of a never ending soap opera. In Compass, the sequel to Sway, Jessie’s life begins to change its course, sending her toward a new reality. When her world is suddenly ripped apart by an angry rival, the one person she trusted to stand by her side simply walks away. With her composure shattered, Jessie questions everything she believed about herself, and as her life takes her on a new path, it turns into a perilous journey full of surprising twists and turns.


Compass is the second book in the series by Jennifer Gibson. I first want to express how much I respect Gibson for taking on such difficult issues.

Jessie is simply a wonderful person. She is humble, grateful. She does not behave as if she’s entitled due to her disability. Compass follows Jessie through some new struggles and some of the old issues. She is still bullied at school which is despicable.

It’s ironic that she gets in trouble for something that was done to her previously. I understood her need to make a bully understand what it’s like but it’s a lost cause in those cases. Most bullies refuse to change; they seem to enjoy it.

Jessie competes in a tournament and she does well. She has come a long way with her martial arts. During the fight Jessie gets a shiner and a concussion. The concussion and it’s side affects isolate her even more. She has a bit of memory loss as well. She really struggled with being injured.

The most difficult part of the book is when a close friend turns his/her back on Jessie. I was appalled. She felt so betrayed and so did I!!!!!! Jessie was heart-broken. It was painful to experience that with her.

Jessie also gets a new pet when a stray shows up at her house. Serena is a blessing to Jessie at a time when she most needs it.

Ethan and Jessie decide to work at a summer camp for kids with special needs. What a wonderful way to give back! I think Jessie might end up working in a field where she can help other children. She intuitively knows what they need and how to comfort them. Moreover, she can get them to respond when others cannot.

I think parents should read this series with their children. We all need to be more aware. That will happen only if we begin a dialogue about it. Compass is also a good teaching tool for teachers. I cannot express how much this series made me more aware.