Comic news for Monday October 19th.

Neal Adams: The future is now for motion comics

New York, Union Square, 14th street, October 28th. It’s not every day that a new medium is invented or created and usually it happens by accident, against the tide and is roundly ignored and criticized by the majority of the population.

You want to put sound with movies? Talkies?! A flash-in-the-pan! Comic books? That’s not a medium, is it? They’re written? And drawn? I thought they just sort of … appeared.

And now the latest…motion comics? Isn’t it enough that HALF of our movies are based on (heh) comic books, overnight, it seems? No? There are going to be motion comics? And what is that, a moving comic book? Yep! But isn’t that … animation?

On that day the first “true” motion comic, the first issue of Marvel’s “Astonishing X-Men,” will be presented in a world premiere at 14th Street-Union Square as part of MarvelFest NYC 2009. It will be outdoors and projected — yes, I did just say “projected” — on the side of the massively large, now closed, Virgin Megastore.


Graphic novel not hero-worthy

Batman has been more popular than ever the past year.

Last summer, “The Dark Knight” was an enormous success with critics and audiences. Then, the comics’ world was abuzz after D.C. Comics announced they were killing off their longtime hero.

Readers eagerly awaited each new issue of the “Batman: R.I.P.” story arc and the D.C. miniseries “Final Crisis” to see if the news was true. Although writers left a way for the Dark Knight to return, fans were still awestruck by the story’s conclusion. Batman, at least for the time being, was really gone.


Astonishing X-Men as a motion comic sounds great. And some great people are involved with the project. I’m going to have to at least give it a try. Will you watch Astonishing X-Men?