‘Groundbreaking’ Paperless Eco Comics Announced by Mohawk Media British publisher Mohawk Media has announced Eco Comics, a range of environmentally-friendly, paperless comic books.

The first digital comic book from the Eco Comics range available now to download or view online is Heroic High, an adventure set on an island superhero community, written by Chris Bunting and drawn by Kit Wallis.

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‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly—Give Classic Comics for Christmas It’s not just comic book collectors who love those wonderful coffee-table anthologies of comic strips. Being able to pick up one’s favorite comics from years gone by and reminisce over daily panels and Sunday funnies is a spirit-lifting treat that can kill five minutes or five hours (depending on how much lifting your spirit needs).

Three recent releases from IDW and The Library of American Comics are certain to bring joy to cartoon fans—even those too young to be familiar with the likes of Barney Google, Blondie, and Felix the Cat. The comic strips date back to early twentieth-century, yet their humor is enduring. And, like all good comics, irony gets as many laughs as silliness.

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Well, a comic I might be able to read online, but my eye sight wouldn’t handle it to well at a long period. Not that I don’t like to be eco-friendly, the idea is good, but I still like to feel the product. What do you think of this eco comic?

I’m a comic lover and besides books I would like to receive a comic as a Christmas present. Some of the old ones would be good but I wouldn’t mind a Batman one 😉 What comics would you like?

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