Comic Book Jobs: Who’s Hiring? Marvel And Electronic Arts

Source: comics.gearlive.com

Marvel Studios is at it again. This is at least their third job listing in two weeks. Either people are leaving – which seems doubtful – or they’re growing, which given the number of movie and TV projects they have in development and production seems the more likely explanation.

Marvel Studios, the entertainment entity of Marvel Comics and part of the overall Disney Empire is looking for a Senior Accountant for their Manhattan Beach, CA office.

The successful employee will be “focusing on the corporate side of the business (as opposed to our one accountant who is dedicated to supporting productions) based in LA supporting NY based accounting efforts and LA based tracking and analytical efforts.” Whew!

You’ll need direct industry experience in financial planning and analysis and film marketing and distribution finance, but you probably figured that out on your own. The listing does contain this cryptic clause: “Working with Film Ultimates” and if you’re a fanboy accountant too, you probably know what that means as well.


I love how transparent Marvel are with their job vacancies! It fills me with glee.

Would you ever consider working for Marvel? In what capacity?

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