Written by OBS Staff Member Rose

Chapter 1 – Night of the Corpse

Misery City (from Blackline Comics) hooks you right away with the story of Max Murray, a troubled alcoholic investigator who once tried to kill himself by way of channeling Nic Cage in Leaving Las Vegas. We find him on streets battling a giant walking skeleton with a beating heart. After a few rounds of punches Max realizes the skeleton has more important things to do than fight Max and the beast goes on his skeletal way.

From the very first pages we realize something is quite supernatural about Misery City, a wasteland filled with demons. Max sees these demons and we know he’s had to fight them before. Both figuratively within himself and on the street of this miserable place.

Witty dialogue peppers the pages of this gritty tale, while Misery City is illustrated with a loose handed effect to reflect the violent, bloody, and twisted city that it is. Remisciencent of classic dark noir novels, the washed out hues with pops of color to reflect action and spilt blood.

Max gets a call from an old friend Patika, a barmaid who changed his life. She believes her boyfriend is cheating on her and asks for Max’s assistance in finding out the truth.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, an evil mad scientist is conjuring up potions in his mountain top castle aimed at destroying Max. Who is this mad man? What is he about to unleash? Who are those wicked clowns laughing in the darkness around him and where will Max’s new assignment take him?

All these questions remain at then end of this first chapter and I certainly want some answers.

Not your ordinary comic book, Misery City will surely capture audiences attention. Word of warning, this is not for the young set, as this a mature comic and an intriguing one at that.

Keep an eye out for this one as it is destined to become an underground hit. We can’t wait for the next installment!