Source: Tom Mason at Gearlive – Comics

Looking for a job? Well Marvel Comics is hiring!

Marvel Comics is back at it again, looking for new people in non-editorial functions for their New York office.

First up: Customer Service Coordinator, which sounds much better than “Email Secretary,” but not as good as, say, “Digital Communications Coordinator.”

Your job here is to handle incoming emails and either answer them or route them to the correct departments, retrieve and send forgotten passwords to hapless subscribers, handle opt out requests, and issue reports based on the emails that you handle. There are a lot of other little tech-based things you’ll be doing, but if you’ve had some decent online experience, it’s probably nothing you can’t handle, right? Also, it puts you inside the Marvel office, and who knows what that can lead to.

Their second job opening is a little less techy and a little more old-school: Advertising Assistant/Coordinator.You’ll be generating “reports on ad revenue, inventory and campaign performance…executing internal online campaigns…troubleshooting problems…” and working on presentations, proposals, sell sheets and research projects.

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Well when I first read the headline I was like “Hey it would be so cool to work on a comic book!” Haha well they had me fooled. Both jobs are just simple behind the scenes stuff. But heck one it’s a job and two how awesome would it to be able to say you work at Marvel. Even if it is just a little job, it’s still something that needs to be done.