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The ’80s have somehow gone from the decade everyone pretended to forget to the decade everyone’s pretending to remember. Whereas previously, those ten years of pop culture were derided as a wasteland of legwarmers, pastel alligator shirts, and big hair, now big-budget reincarnations of Clash of the TitansThe Karate Kid, and Tron are being marketed to teenagers who were nine years away from being a gleam in their daddy’s eye when the originals came out.

Another to add onto the growing list is the upcoming remake of the super-fun 1985 vampire flick Fright Night, which just got huge casting news in the form of Colin Farrell and Toni Collette. The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog reports that Farrell has signed on to play the bloodsucker-next-door originally portrayed with suave menace by Chris Sarandon, and Collette will play the already-cast Anton Yelchin’s single mom.

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This is fantastic news and great casting. I was quite skeptical about this remake but since Colin Farrell has been cast, I have officially changed my mind. Colin as a vampire = Yum! Besides, Toni Colette is an immensely talented actor as is Yelchin. Could we hope to see a horror remake that doesn’t suck? Have you seen the original Fright Night?

What are your thoughts?