3 Star rating
Cold Kiss
Cold Kiss, Book #1
By Amy Garvey
ISBN# 9780061996238
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cold-kiss-amy-garveyCold Kiss is gorgeous. It’s dark and emotional and heartbreakingly beautiful. It’s a story about zombies and death. It’s about regret and making mistakes and trying to fix them before it’s too late. It’s funny and snarky and totally cool, but I just couldn’t connect with it.

When Wren’s boyfriend dies in a car accident, it totally breaks Wren. So she turns to her powers and brings him back to life. At least she tries to. Instead she ends up with this zombie-like creature who’s nothing like the old Danny she knew. This Danny, if you can still call him that, has no heartbeat and gives cold kisses (hence the title) and has to be hidden from plain sight. Yeah, so as you can guess, Wren has to try to do something and undo what she did.

The whole idea of Cold Kiss is awesome. Zombies? Epic! Trying to kill or get rid of your dead boyfriend? Totally cool! A snarky protagonist? Amazing! But that’s just the idea. In the end, the book falls short. The snarky protagonist ends up shutting everyone out and not doing anything fun to read about. The zombie isn’t this evil mastermind with a plan to rule the world. The “killing” is more like chanting a spell in the graveyard and hoping that it works. In other words, there’s almost no action. It’s more about realizing that you have to fix your mistake no matter how much you put it off.

However, I did love Amy Garvey’s writing style. It’s deep, poetic and utterly engrossing. It’s moving and beautiful and awesome! It makes you forget that you had to do your homework and instead gets you reading another fifty pages or more. And in my case, it totally made me forget about my ideas of how the story should go. Yeah, I totally love the writing!

If you like stories about remorse and regret and love mixed in with a touch of dead boyfriends, you should totally read this book. Even if you don’t really do romance, you should definitely try Cold Kiss out. While it might be lacking in the action department, it totally makes up for it with the poetic writing and the awesome title!

I mean, who can pass up a character named Wren?