Coconutty Christmas – Holiday in Hawaii

The Escape Series

By Ann Omasta

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Kalea has repeatedly been warned about the temporary nature and heartbreaking consequences of falling for a handsome tourist passing through her little slice of Hawaiian paradise. Will the fear of being hurt keep her from experiencing all of the delightful surprises that life has to offer? Or will the trifecta of gorgeous Russ, a freak storm, and an unforgettable Christmas allow her to open her heart to the possibility of finding her happily ever after ending? 

This sweet and romantic short story is part of The Escape Series, which includes the Kindle Scout winning book, Getting Lei’d, as well as its prequel novella, Aloha, Baby!, and the follow-up novel, Cruising for Love. The books in this series are standalones that do not have cliffhanger endings. They share characters, but are designed so they can be read in any order.


I had previously read one title by Ann Omasta (Goofy Newfies) and thoroughly enjoyed it so much that when the opportunity arose to read this title, I took it. 

Kalea notices a handsome tourist, Russ, watching her. They have been flirting all week. I enjoyed how Kalea would start to daydream when she was speaking to Russ and he would have to get her attention again….truly a girl who is smitten.

Kai and Honi are “two big lugs” that are Kalea’s friends and self-proclaimed protectors. They are not too fond of Kalea’s developing relationship with the ‘ginger’ (Russ). I thought it nice that they look after their friend so diligently, especially since a relationship with a tourist is not the best idea – since they inevitably go home. And of course there is unrequited feelings as Kalea has had a crush on Honi forever, but her only has eyes for Leilani (who is only just now starting to notice Honi).

Kalea made her signature coconut dressing for the Christmas Eve Luau. She overheard one woman saying that the hotel should bottle and sell it. What pride Kalea has for her creation. Now if only the book had the recipe!

As this is a short story, and I don’t want to “tell all” – the love story is…. Well for you to read about. Suffice it so say – my interest was captured throughout this short tale.

I shall finish my review by saying – While I enjoyed the story, I do wish there was more… (a typical flaw of short novella’s…just too dog gone short). Having said this, Ann Omasta certainly creates an enjoyable tale with characters you want to get to know. I am going to search out the other books in the Escape Series and see if that satisfies my thirst for more.