Kimbra Hickey proved the life of hand model can be moved out of the shadows when she became the cover art hand model for the novel “Twilight” five years ago.

“I just stumbled on it. I’ve never been recognized as a hand model, but when I started going to bookstores and telling people who were in line paying for ‘Twilight’ that those were my hands, before you know it, I had a line of people waiting for autographs.”

Hickey is now touring with various “Twilight” themed conventions, autographing covers and recreating her now-famous hand pose for photos with fans. “When you start to realize that you have this little bit of celebrity status, it’s a strange feeling, because I’ve never had that before,” Hickey said. “I feel lucky just to be a part of it.”

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I think a very interesting interview with nice women. What do you think – is being a parts-model really a serious job? Would you want to be famous only for one part of your body?