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Meet Tessa Gray, a girl who thinks she is just your average character. That is, until she sails to England and meets Shadowhunters, demon-killing warriors. As she finds out more and more and becomes drawn to two different guys, she discovers the truth behind her brother’s disappearance.

United States

This cover is a classic. I love everything seems to fade into each other. The colors are perfect. Everything is so marvelous.  It’s so intricately perfect.


To be honest, I really dislike this cover. I think the red is too bright. I distracts from the interior of the circle. Not only that the cover is just too much. It should be a lot simpler without all the outside designs.


I love the font of the title! It is so delicate and detailed. I also love the background as well. It’s interesting and it catches your eye, but Will stands out so nicely against it too.


Don’t laugh, but I’m not sure who this is. If it’s Will, I honestly can’t believe he looks like that. If it’s someone else, I can’t believe they look like that either. I am not a huge fan of this cover. I can’t believe this at all.


This is actually coming out in January of next year, but I can’t help but add this on. The angel is so pretty! I am in love with it! I want an angel! I don’t even know Slovakian, but I’d buy this edition for the cover. I think it’s my favorite so far.

Which cover is your personal favorite?

Which cover do you think is the prettiest? (Please say it’s the Slovakian!)