Did you know . . .

. . . that before German director F.W. Murnau killed the vampire Orlock (Max Schreck) with the rising sun in his 1922 silent-screen masterpiece, “Nosferatu,” sunlight NEVER was fatal to vampires in any myths, legends or even Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel “Dracula” — but after “Nosferatu,” it became a near-universal aspect of vampire lore and literature?

. . . that Max Schreck’s last name means terror or fright in German, and it was his real name?

. . . that writer-producer Alan Ball discovered the Sookie Stackhouse novels, the inspiration for his series “True Blood,” because he arrived early for a dentist’s appointment and decided to kill time at a nearby Barnes & Noble store?

. . . that writer Anne Rice loudly protested the idea of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise starring in director Neil Jordan’s film version of her “Interview With the Vampire,” saying it was like casting Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer to play vampires Louis and Lestat? (She reversed course after seeing the film.)

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Wow, interesting facts.  I love all the fun background information.

What do you think of the vampire facts? Did you know this information?

Do you think Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt were right for their parts in Interview with a Vampire?