Claw Enforcement

Second Chance Cat Mystery #7

By Sofie Ryan

ISBN 9781984802330

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Sarah Grayson owns a delightful secondhand shop in the small town of North Harbor, Maine, where she and her rescue cat, Elvis, are always finding themselves up to their whiskers in trouble. With the help of a quirky group of senior citizens—who call themselves Charlotte’s Angels and work out of the store—they solve crimes both new and vintage.

Local squabbles about property development have the town in quite a state of drama—and it seems like someone may even be upset enough to kill. When a local man involved in the real estate quagmire falls over dead at a reception to celebrate the harbor front’s redevelopment, Sarah gets roped in to investigate by her own IT expert, Mr. P., who has long known the victim’s stepfather. Between Sarah, Elvis and Charlotte’s Angels, the killer is sure to have claws for concern.


This is a marvelous new offering in the Second Chance Cat series! I love visiting North Harbor, Maine and the Second Chance repurpose store, including the Charlotte’s Angels office and the delightful family and friends I find there. The Angels are a brilliant group of seniors who not only help in the store, they have solved several murders. I learn something new about these folks each time, and this mystery takes all their skills to solve. Elvis, the feline lie detector, is an adorable team player. This novel is catnip for the cozy mystery lover!

Construction has begun at the waterfront in North Harbor, and a reception is being held to celebrate the rejuvenation of the area. It is being held by Joe Roswell, developer of the hotel that is being built. Sarah, owner of Second Chance, and Nick, her friend since childhood, are in attendance, as well as the elegant Liz, one of the Angels, one of Sarah’s adopted aunts, and a woman who is in the middle of many of the community goings on.

Christopher Healy came into the venue after having had at least a few drinks before arriving. Healy is being sued for Joe for purchasing land at Gibson’s Point where Joe planned to build a getaway for rich folks. Healy plans to use it for a nature preserve. Christopher saw Joe, grabbed his arm, they had words, and Joe told him to leave. Instead, Healy sat at the bar and the bartender served him coffee. Minutes later, Healy emitted a choking sound, looked as if he were having a brief seizure, grabbed his chest, and collapsed. Sadly, he was already dead when Nick and Sarah attempted CPR.

Rose, one of the Angels and adopted aunts, is also there with her sweetheart, Mr. P (Peterson). Rose believes from what they saw that Christopher had been poisoned. Mr. P and Christopher’s stepfather Elliot have been friends for since they met in Eagle Scouts many years ago. Saddened for his friend’s loss, Mr. P wants the Angels to take the case to help find what happened to the younger man. Yes, the police are on the job, but the seniors’ PI firm takes cases special to them or to their friends.

Sarah, Liz, and Rose are my favorites. Rose and Liz may be seniors, but they will never let anyone treat them as dotty old ladies! They are wise, can put pieces together faster than many, and speak directly to anyone who acts as if they are getting senile. Sarah is a young woman who is happier than she ever was with her previous career. She and second-in-command Mac enjoy working with their hands to give new life to the treasures they find or purchase. This eclectic group is so well-defined, I can almost see and hear them! I do appreciate how Sarah gets along well with the “aunts” and Mr. P; there is no generation gap between them!

There is a perfect balance between the mystery and the lives of Sarah and her friends. The mystery is at the center of everyone’s thoughts. I appreciate seeing the characters’ interactions with family and friends as they are interesting to be around. Elvis is not a clue-sniffing feline; this boy’s appeal is in his cat-sonality and ability to discern lies from truth. The mystery is for sure challenging; there are a couple people who seem to be obvious suspects. I did have a good idea who the bad guy was before revealed, but still had some surprises in store.

If one enjoys well-written cozy mysteries with captivating characters focusing on seniors and those who love their wit and wisdom, LOL humor, historical towns and repurposing treasures, I highly recommend this! Oh, and Elvis! We can’t forget this furry black cat who loves watching Jeopardy and being with his humans!

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*