Christopher Moore
Bloodsucking Fiends
Love Story Book  #1

Review brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

Jody was attacked on her way home from work one night and woke up underneath a dumpster and found that she had been changed into a vampire.  She goes home to her boyfriend, Kurt, who didn’t understand.  She ends up clocking him with a pot, knocking him out and feeding off of him.  She managed to leave him alive, but she didn’t think he’d be too happy with her, so she left.

She quickly discovers that she needs help; there are just too many things that she needs done in the daytime, which she can no longer do.  She finds a solution to her problem when she finds Tommy and makes him her new boyfriend.  She gives him all her daytime to do lists and has him find an apartment for them to share.

But the vampire that turned her likes to make everything into a game and starts killing people and leaving their drained and broken bodies near them and the cops are getting suspicious.

They eventually arrest Tommy after finding a couple bodies in their freezer.  And Jody does the only thing she can do to clear his name, kill somebody the same way the other vampire has been killing his victims, while he’s in jail.

The vampire lets Jody know that the end is near.  She isn’t sure if he’s planning to kill Tommy, her, or both of them.  But one thing is clear; they have to kill him before he can kill them!  Tommy gathers up all the troops he can and goes on a vampire hunt.

When I read the synopsis of this book, it didn’t sound good to me at all.  But once I started reading it I did start enjoying it.  I found it to be pretty funny, and not your typical vampire book.  But the humor does tend to be a little on the crude side and isn’t for everyone.  I was also surprised how much Tommy talks about Anne Rice’s Lestat, since the book I read before this was Interview with the vampire.

And my toddler loved pretending to drink out of the glass on the cover, of Bloodsucking Fiends.

I didn’t really care for how this book ended though.  I felt it lost the humor that the rest of the book had attracted me with.  In my opinion, that really took it from being a good book down to just being OK.  But this is quite the little quirky book and is a quick read if you have some free time.