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Chris Coy made his debut in ep.4 of ‘True Blood’ season2 as Barry the Bellboy. And he really is doing a great job. Chris grew up in Sarasota City Florida in a small town called  North Port – now he is 23 and landed a role in Alan Ball’s True Blood.

Q: Can you describe the casting process you went through for the role as Barry the Bellboy?
Chris: Initially it was pretty typical, I auditioned and got the callback later that day. However, when I walked into the room for the second time and realized I was performing for Alan Ball, I have to admit a very unfamiliar chill crept up my spine. I’ve been a huge fan of his for years and to say the very least, it was an incredible moment for me. Unforgettable.

Q: Is there any part of you that is portrayed in your character Barry?
Chris: Only my telepathic abilities.

Q: How did you like working with the True Blood cast? Which actors did you spend the most time with?
Chris: Every member of the cast is really nice and immensely talented. I guess if there was one person I was around more often than others it was Anna.

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What a pretty nice interview of a really funny guy. Did you know he was also a part of ‘Numb3rs’? Do you want to see Chris Coy again the next ‘True Blood’ season?