THE CHILDREN OF HURIN BY J.R.R. TOLKIEN An author’s talent may never be more obvious than when they continue to release new works after they’ve died. Many authors’ works continue to be sold after their deaths, but the fact that a book never before seen can be released after the departure of its author was a thought entirely alien to me until I realized that one of my favorite authors seemed to have published from the other side of the grave.

Thirty-four years after J.R.R. Tolkien died at the age of 82, his son published an edited version his work as The Children of Húrin. Christopher Tolkien writes, “In this book I have endeavored to construct, after long study of the manuscripts, a coherent narrative without any editorial invention.”

Like Tolkien’s other works, it is a tale of lore involving men, elves, dwarfs, and dark forces. That being said, The Children of Húrin is very different from its predecessors in both focus and theme.


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I bought this book a while ago and unfortunately have not read it yet. But, it will of course be fantastic! I love the details in Tolkien’s work and don’t even get me started on the man’s boundless imagination!

Have you read The Children of Hurin?