Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

This is an A-Z based on the first four books of the Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones.  Did we miss something?  What would you add to the list?

A: Amber, the mature for her age 12 year old daughter of Charley’s neighbor, friend, and employee: Cookie

Artemis: Donovan’s rottweiler that died of poisoning that later became Charley’s guardian.

Angel: a young gangbanger departed that works for Charley and hates Reyes with a vengeance.

B: The Bandits: The biker gang with 200+ members that own the rundown asylum that Charley frequents.

Beam me up & Scottie: The names of Charley’s ovaries

C: Charley: What would the Charley Davidson series be without Charley herself?  She’s a fun, smart-mouthed (even if what she says isn’t really thought out) P.I. who is also the grim reaper.

Cookie: Charley’s chunky, but fun neighbor, friend, and employee that is always right there in trouble with Charlie.  Ubie has a crush on her and she has a thing for Garrett.

D: Donovan: He’s the sexy and rugged leader of the biker gang, the Bandits, and has a heart of gold that is sure to give Reyes a run for his money.

Danger & Will Robinson: The names of Charley’s breasts.

Dutch: The nickname that Reyes has called Charley since she was born.

E: Earl Walker: The man that kidnapped Reyes when he was little and abused him.  Reyes went to jail for his murder only to find out he was alive.  He later tortured Charley once he knew she was on to him being alive.

F: Fan Club: There was a Reyes Farrow fan club formed by desperate women in love with the sexy inmate during his incarceration.  The leader, Elaine Oake, often paid off guards to acquire some of Reyes possessions such as his letters that said Dutch over and over again and the guards also were paid to take pictures of Reyes in the shower.  At one point Elaine even claimed to be married to Reyes, complete with fake marriage license posted on her website.

G: Ghosts: Charley sees ghosts or as she calls them, the departed, that nobody else can see (except other departeds and Reyes).  She helps them deal with what happened to them and allows them to pass to heaven through her.

Garrett: The skip-tracer that works for Uncle Bob, and is usually employed to tail Charley.  He has almost gotten killed for her a couple of times.  He actually did die once, but came back to us.

Gemma: Charley’s sister.  They haven’t gotten along in years, but have started finding their way back to one another.

H: Heaven: Charley is the portal to heaven and departeds can pass through Charley to get there.

Hell: Where Reyes grew up before he was born on earth, he is the gateway to hell, where his father reigns.

I: Investigations: Charley is a P.I. and has to work many cases to make a living.  She also helps Ubie on his official investigations as well.

J: Jail: Reyes was in jail for ten years for a murder he didn’t commit.  He often left his body to look over Charley, to protect her, and to later have sex with her.

K: Kill: the Incorporeal Reyes kills anybody that threatens Charley with a simple slash of his blade that injures from the inside out, usually severing the spinal cord.

L: Aunt Lil: Charley’s fun and departed aunt that is always hanging around her apartment, afraid to miss out any of the fun and trouble that Charley gets herself into on a day-to-day basis.

M: Men: One thing I have to say for Charley, there are a slew of hot guys in her wake.  Garrett, Reyes, and Donovan….any one of these could give you countless weeks if not months or years of hot steamy fantasies!

Misery: The name of Charley’s cherry red jeep.

N: Nuns: The nuns live in the convent that have taken Quentin in.  One of which overhears the angels talking and occasionally gives Charley tidbits such as the demons possessing the clairvoyant and when she was going to receive her guardian.

O: Orgasms: It’s hard not to mention the orgasms when Charley was getting them in her sleep from the very beginning.  Amber is right, “Reyes seems very talented”

P: Police: Charley’s dad is a retired police officer and her Uncle Bob is currently on the force.  She is a consultant for the department and they have gotten her out of a number of jams.

Q: Quentin: A deaf clairvoyant teen that was possessed by a demon trying to get to Charley that Charley adores and has promised to let him stay with her on occasion.

Quotes: Every chapter in this series starts with a funny quote usually from bumper stickers or t-shirts that give a little hint of what to expect in the chapter in question.

R: Rocket: The departed that Charley visits at the asylum.  He knows the name of everybody that has passed and inscribes all the names on the walls of the asylum.

S: Son of Satan: Charley would not have lived as long as she has without the son of Satan, aka Reyes looking over her and protecting her for her entire life….not to mention the awesome sex he gives her!

T: Tate: A police officer that has never cared for Charley, but can at least tolerate her now that he knows his little sister is alive and Charley is the only one that can communicate between the two, even if he does have a penchant for ‘skanks’ according to his little sister.

U: Ubie: Charley’s Uncle Bob, who she affectionately calls Ubie even though he hates it!  She helps him on his murder investigations by talking to the departed and he helps her when she gets in over her head with confronting the guilty….that is when they don’t end up dead and the hands of Reyes.

V: Virginia: Charley’s name for her vagina, although she occasionally calls it her vag-jay-jay.

W: Mr. Wong: The departed that lives in the corner of Charley’s living room that never speaks.

X: Sexxxxxy: It’s X what do you expect? I have to cheat a little:)  With hot steamy scenes between Reyes and Charley, and sexy scenes with Donovan this series is a steamy sexy read that you will always remember.

Y: Young: Most of the characters in this series are young and fun and you just wish they were your very own friends.

Z: Mr. Zamora: Charley’s landlord that can be just as sassy as her when he needs to be!