Charlaine Harris Developing New TV series

The best-selling author of the True Blood books is developing a new TV series based on another of her supernatural novels.

US cable network Syfy announced that among their new slate of projects in development is a TV series based on Charlaine Harris‘ The Harper Connelly Mysteries.

The series of four novels follow Harper Connelly who – after being struck by lightning as a teenager – has the ability to find dead bodies and experience the last few moments of their life. She and her step-brother Tolliver travel the country solving mysteries and doing jobs for hire.

Unlike Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels upon which the hit TV show True Blood is based, The Harper Connelly Mysteries is much more grounded in reality and doesn’t include any supernatural creatures outside of psychics and mediums. (Via

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I have never had the pleasure of reading the Harper Connelly Mysteries, but I absolutely loved the Sookie Stackhouse series so it’s something I should definitely look into.

I don’t actually think I’ve seen any shows quite like this on syfy and I’m sure it will do the channel good to broaden their horizons, plus give Charlaine Harris fans a chance to see yet another of her popular series come to life.

The series ” is much more grounded in reality” now that just made me laugh….as there is very little reality in True Blood, although I must admit I’m still addicted to it nonetheless.

Have you read The Harper Connelly Mysteries?  If so do you intend to watch the show?  If you haven’t read the series, do you plan to before the show hits the air?