Charlaine Harris describes her vampire mythology

Charlaine Harris on how the Sookie Stackhouse series began: “I was left looking at turning fifty trying to decide what to do. It came to me that it would be fun to write a book about Louisiana, about a very down home young woman who was dating a vampire and everything kind of built from that kernel.”

Charlaine Harris on writing about vampires: “There are all different kinds of ways to interpret the vampire rules. I’ve tried to bring something different to the genre.”

Charlaine Harris on working with True Blood creator Alan Ball: “I knew that he got me. Not everyone gets the mixture of humor and horror and blood and death…with a wink, and I knew Alan did.”

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I really enjoy when authors give details on how they formed their ideas for a series or book. I agree that Charlaine has brought something different to the vampire genre.

Furthermore, I love what Alan Ball has done with the series. He’s changed some things, but he sticks to the basic premise of the books. I think he was the perfect director for this series.

What do you think? In what ways do you think Charlaine has affected the vampire genre?