Charlaine Harris: Dead as a Doornail

Brought to you by OBS Staff member Rose

Book Five: Sookie Stackhouse Series

In Charlaine Harris’ fifth installment of the Sookie Stackhouse series, Eric has his memory back, so Sookie’s relationship with him is back to norm. The only problem is Eric can’t remember what happened while he was under the witch’s spell, but he knows something important must be remembered. Sookie desperately hopes he doesn’t remember for she finds it too great a burden of guilt to unload. To make matters worse, someone is randomly picking off the weres in the Bon Temps. Jason, Sookie’s brother a newly turned Werepanther himself,  is now under suspicious. Alicide calls on her for help, in his father’s attempt to take over as leader of the werewolf pack, after the pack master dies suddenly. When can Sookie ever get a break?

Get ready to get up close and personal with the Shifter and Werewolf community. Sookie gets entrenched in the were drama and really has no choice, neither do we and that is just fine. We get to meet goliath and sexy Quinn, a potential love interest for Sookie, but Quinn is not the only one. Alicide vies for Sookies attention as well as Calvin, the leader of the were panthers in Hotshot. It is a nice shift (no pun intended) away from Bill and Eric, that causes more anticipation for Sookie’s outcome in the love department. Of course there is still murder and light mayhem for her to deal with. Any Sookie Stackhouse novel wouldn’t be complete without it. Charlaine Harris intertwines the supernatural so seamlessly into every day southern living in Louisiana, making for a truly unique narrative.

Dead as a Doornail simply and effortlessly carries on from where the story left on in Dead to the World and leaves you anxious, yet again, for the next installment.