Charlaine Harris: Club Dead

Brought to you by OBS Staff member Rose

Book Three: Sookie Stackhouse Series

Club Dead, the follow up to Sookie Stackhouse novel Living Dead in Dallas, we discover Sookie and Bill’s relationship is in a rut. Sookie is busy working at Merlotte’s and he’s busy most nights hunched over his computer doing a secret project for the Queen ignoring Sookie most of the time. Bill breaks the news he needs to go out of state for work and poor Sookie is left alone.

After Bill doesn’t come home from his trip when he scheduled to, Sookie is informed by Pam and Eric that she needs to be the one to search for Bill. With her special powers and her identity not really know, she could infiltrate the King of Mississippi’s inner circle.  Eric puts Sookie into touch with Alicide, the handsome Were, who will be her guide and companion on her mission, for without him it would be too dangerous for a human alone.  Before she can say the word ‘Bill”, she’s off to Mississippi to mingle with Supernaturals and Vamps at Club Dead…a bar in Jackson.

It wouldn’t be a Charlaine Harris Sookie saga without some dead bodies, blood, betrayal, and a heavy dose of quick-witted Eric and Sookie dialogue. Oh and don’t forget the fan cheering anticipation for Eric to get it on with Sookie already.  You will all still have to be patient. Sookie grows up even more in this novel, kicking some butt all by herself (well maybe with a small amount of help) and has some intimate but keep-you-wanting-for-more Sookie and Eric moments. Bill does not play a big part in this installment. It’s all about a growing relationship with her new Were friend Alicide and her trials and tribulations with Russell Edgington, the King of Mississippi, up close and personal.

Sookie fans will thoroughly enjoy this book and won’t be able to put it down.  I know I couldn’t.