All the Lost fans better start gearing up, we are just days away from the final season’s premiere. And today OBS brings you the third part of our special “Character Profile” edition; where you’ll get to meet two of series most enigmatic characters which I’m probably sure that all of you have many question that want to be answered about them. Enjoy.

Daniel Faraday

Date of Birth: Unknown
Birth Place: Unknown
Date of Death: July 1977, after the jump

Family: Charles Widmore (Father), Eloise Hawking (Mother), Penelope Hume (Half-sister), Desmond Hume (Brother-in-law), Charlie Hume (Nephew)
Relationships: Theresa Spencer (Ex-girlfriend), Charlotte Lewis (Love Interest)

Profession: Scientist, DHARMA Initiative and Professor of physics at Queen’s College, part of a team searching for Benjamin Linus that was looking to heal his mind and continue his physics research


“I’m Daniel Faraday. I’m here to rescue you.”

“If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be MY constant.”

He first arrives to the Island with the “search team” almost 100 days after the crash with Miles, Frank and Charlotte. After his difficult landing he is found by Jack and Kate and after them questioning him about his gun he reveals that rescuing the survivors was not their primary objective. After finding his team, Daniel asks Regina for a payload, which ends up arriving 31 minutes later after its launch. He then helped Desmond with his unstuck in time problem. That night he and Charlotte ventured to the Tempest in order to shut it down. Daniel and the people on the Zodiac raft are seen out in the ocean just before the island moves. After another flash, Daniel is separated from the survivors ending up between 2001 and 2004, finding himself with Desmond. With another jump; Daniel, Miles and Charlotte were found by the others and were thought to be part of a U.S. military expedition. After the fourth flash, Charlotte collapsed and began to speak incoherently, not being able to move she dies in front of Daniel.

Fun Fact: Although his eyes are brown, in the episode “The Variable” he had one brown eye and one blue eye.

Played by: Jeremy Davies

Ethan Rom

Date of Birth: July 1977
Birth Place: Unknown
Date of Death: 20 October 2004

Family: Horace Goodspeed (Father), Amy (Mother), possible deceased child
Relationships: Possible deceased wife

Profession: Surgeon, employee of Mittelos Bioscience


“You bring her here. If you don’t, I’m going to kill one of them. And then if you don’t bring her back before sundown tomorrow I’ll kill another, and another, another. One everyday. And Charlie, I’ll kill you last.”

Just like Ben, Ethan had a similar birth; his mother Amy had gone into labor weeks before the expected time making a time traveling Juliet deliver the baby. Years later, while Ethan lived with the Hostiles, was sent with Ben to kill Danielle Rousseau and after seeing that Ben wasn’t going to do anything offered to finish the job himself. He’s father Horace was one of the many DHARMA Initiative that died at the purge. In 2001, Ethan joined Richard to convince Juliet to join the “organization”. Who would occasionally help around the Barracks and serve as the Others surgeon. When Oceanic flight 815 crashed he was sent by Ben to where the survivors were, come up with an adequate story if asked, stay quiet if not asked, listen, learn, don’t get involved, and make a list within three days. While he stayed with the survivors he kept secretly injecting something to Claire and told Jack that if she were to give birth in the Island he could be of help. After a failed injection and scaring Claire, Hurley made a list of the survivors and found out that he wasn’t on the plain. Making a quick decision, Ethan took Charlie and Claire. After letting Charlie go and Claire’s escape with Alex’s help, the survivors made a trap to catch and question him for information. Once caught with Claire’s help as bait, Charlie lost control of himself and killed Ethan.

Played by: William Mapother

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