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This weekend we bring you in honor of our monthly OBS Book Club Fallen by Lauren Kate, the couple that no matter what lifetime it is are always meant to be together; Daniel Grigori and Lucinda Prince. He is a fallen angel and she is he’s eternal soul mate, will they be able to stay apart?

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Lucinda Prince

Luce by Hopeforachange

Name: Lucinda Prince

Physical Traits: Luce has had many different lifetimes talked about in Fallen, but the present life she is in; Luce has chopped off her long thick black silky hair. Her hair now resembles more of a do-it-yourself pixie cut.  She is a lean figure, with soft curves. She has very light skin tone, and seems very frail.

Luce shows a lot of characteristics that many young girls in love. Like the anxiety that comes with being around the person who gives your stomach butterflies, getting trapped in your fantasies and then feeling immense embarrassment when you are caught by him. Even to her stubborn hard-headed ways, she is unrelenting when it comes to Daniel, even in the beginning when he treats her like dirt. She never gives up, and she fights to figure out the truth, and make Daniel see that there is and always has been a connection between them.

Luce is a very loyal friend, and sometimes she can trust the wrong people. We see some of the sticky situations she gets herself into with Cam, Molly, and Miss Sophia. But that is what you must love about Luce, her willingness to not only be kind to people, but expect them to be normal human beings, this is a quality that NOT many young women have, this makes her unique.

Favorite Quote from Luce:
“It made Luce want to stand up next to him and fight. Fight to stay alive long enough to live out her life next to him. Fight for the only thing she know that was good enough, noble enough, powerful enough to be worth risking everything.

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