We were fascinated by Clary’s world, Jace’s mysterious side and everything that the Shadowhunters meant. That’s why today’s character profile is dedicated to the main characters of this story filled with secrets and adventures. Enjoy!

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Clary Fray

Age: 16

Physical Appearance: Short, petite small framed girl with fire wild red hair. Green eyes with many freckles, only traces of her mother..none of her father.


Clary was raised by her single mother; Jocelyn. All her life she hasn’t known anything about her father and her mother hasn’t offered any information other than he had died long ago. Clary has no siblings and only has a best friend named Simon; that we find out is madly in love with her and it appears that she doesn’t feel that way for him. Except for maybe when he is close to death, and she can’t stand the thought of loosing him (sound familiar). Well that is until Jace; the mysterious Shadowhunter, begins to sweep Clary off her feet. HE is an arrogant but yet charming young man that gets Clary frustrated at every turn. She has an almost immediate attraction to him, but he is put off by her ‘mundaness’.  Clary is a fierce friend that will do anything to help them, but she is not necessarily the bravest of female heroines of these YA fiction times, but she is certainly willing to try to help and give her all. She loves her mother very much, so when she is kidnapped in the beginning of Bones; she will stop it nothing to find her. Except for maybe when she finds out that her mother has been keeping many of secrets from her, many that could possibly ruin Clary….

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