Today we bring you the demi-gods that inhabit the Percy Jackson & the Olympians universe. What is a demigod you ask? It’s a child of a god and a human. Want to know more about them, read on.

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Perseus ‘Percy’ Jackson

Date of Birth: August 18, 1993
Hometown: New York City

Family: Sally Jackson (Mother), Poseidon (Father)

Physical Traits: Percy is 5’10” and has sea green eyes, black hair, and is skinny or scrawny with tan skin. He’s is also very uncoordinated and due to his father Percy can control water, it can be used to heal him and he can also breathe underwater.

Relationships: Through the books Percy becomes close to another demi-god named Annabeth Chase, despite their parents being rivals and also has a flirtatious relationship with Thalia Grace. Later he has an interesting relationship with a human named Rachel Dare, but you’ll have to read to find out who Percy really ends up with. Percy’s best friend is Grover Underwood, the satyr who watchs over him.

Other Info: Percy is most likely the most sarcastic character in a book series. He always smarts off to the most intimidating of Gods, which coincidentally gets him into some very serious trouble. He also is known to be tremendously loyal to his family and friends. He gives up so many things, and also puts his own life in danger to rescue his friends, many times. He also is like many young boys, awkward when it comes to girls, he can never seem to say or do the right thing. All these things making him such a special relate able hero.

Powers and Abilities: Control over water, hydrokinetic power, and can communicate with horses.

Weapons/Magical Items: Anaklusmos a.k.a. Riptide is a magical sword that disguises itself as a pen.

“Dreams like a podcast,
Downloading truth in my ears.
They tell me cool stuff.”

“Apollo?” I guess, because I figured nobody else could make a haiku that bad.
He put his finger to his lips. “I’m incognito. Call me Fred.”
“A god named Fred?””

“‘Love conquers all,’ Aphrodite promised. ‘Look at Helen and Paris. Did they let anything come between them?’
‘Didn’t they start the Trojan War and get thousands of people killed?’
‘Pfft. That’s not the point. Follow your heart.'”

“New lesson, class. Most monsters will vaporize when sliced with a celestial bronze sword. This change is perfectly normal, and will happen to you right now if you don’t BACK OFF!”

“You’re pretty smug, Lord Ares, for a guy who runs from Cupid statues.”

“Deadlines just aren’t real to me until I’m staring one in the face. ”

“What horrible things would you have to do in your life to get woven into Hades’ underwear?”

This series is all about Percy’s adventures; about discovering who he is, where he belongs, and who his friends are. Essentially everything that teenagers go through in their life, but on a much more intense scale, a “god-like” scale.

The story of a demigod growing up as a human for 12 years, and then discovering their father was God of the Sea, wouldn’t be as interesting if Percy wasn’t that kid. He is so easy to relate too, and makes the story so enjoyable with his quirks and quips about Gods. He brings a sense of innocence in a world that is considered corrupt, with families turning on each other every day, and so much pain. He reminds the demigods and the gods themselves, what is important, no matter if your human or living on MT Olympus. He reminds the reader too, as he risks his life over and over for his friends and family, and letting us know that you don’t always have to follow the crowd, you march to your own drum in life.

Portrayed by: Logan Lerman

Annabeth Chase

Date of Birth: 1993
Hometown: Grew up in California, but ran away at 7 to New York, Half-Blood Camp.

Family: Frederick Chase (Father), Athena (Mother)

Physical Traits: Annabeth is described to be tall for her age at 5’9″, with blond hair, and gray eyes. She is more of a tom boy; not into makeup, frilly clothes, and boys. She is a tough character and she isn’t afraid to take anyone on.

Relationships: Throughout the series, she is best friends with Percy. Always on a level that the reader she never really knows how she feel about him, to be honest, she isn’t too sure herself. Her mother, Athena is famous for her never ending quarrel with Percy’s dad, Poseidon. Annabeth has a mysterious relationship with Luke. It seems that she has been in love with him for years or at least Percy thinks so. She is also good friends with Grover Underwood.

Other Info: Right after meeting Annabeth it’s obvious she is very smart, and that she knows it. She is considered a ‘know-it-all’ and most people resent her for that. Being the daughter of Athena she is burden with being cocky and very wise. She is known to always have a plan, anytime, anywhere. Annabeth has a problem with emotions, she doesn’t show them or express them, except for the negative ones, like anger and annoyance. Her dream is to build huge everlasting buildings that will one day make her famous for it. She studies all kinds of designs and architecture, which helps her and Percy in many ways throughout the series. Her flaw is ‘pride’, she is incredible prideful, and will do anything to keep it. Throughout the series, we see moments of weakness in her when her pride is concerned and she just closes off or turns ice cold.

Powers and Abilities: Wisdom and knowledge of Greek architecture, history and myths. Master strategist. Trained in hand-to-hand combat, and good at arts and crafts.

Weapons/Magical Items: Yankees Cap that turns her invisible.

“Always, Always have a plan ”

“I will never, ever make it easy for you Seaweed Brain. Get used to it”

“Because you’re my friend, Seaweed Brain. Any more stupid questions?””

“Getting something and having the wits to use it…those are two different things.”

“You drool when you sleep.”

Even though Annabeth is a know it all, that might be annoying at times, she is a very like able character. Rick Roridan, the author of the series, thinks of Annabeth as Percy’s logical side. So in all reality Percy needs her, he needs her smarts, her precision, and patience. She makes a perfect character to tun Percy’s world upside down, to make him act irrationally and also make him do things he never thought he could before. Underneath the layers, we learn about Annabeth’s hard life, and having a family that she thinks doesn’t want her, and not having a real home or many friends. She is one of the best fighters at the camp, and she shows this in the story time and time again. We also see the very normal side of her, the side that all young teenage girls have, jealousy. So once again Rick, created the perfect co-star to his Percy. She is everything we can’t stand in brainiacs, and everything we desire about them. She has a flare about her, a fire inside, that most people aspire to have, and ironically is very normal teenage girl, that we all knew ourselves at one time.

Portrayed by: Alexandra Daddario

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