Celtic Blood
By James John Loftus

Review brought to you by OBS staff member Dawn


Set in 13th century Scotland. The son of the murdered Earl of Ross, is a fugitive when his family, rival claimants for Scotland’s crown, are declared traitors. Influenced by MacBeth and the writing of Nigel Tranter it is a tale of high drama and suspense.


I have always loved stories that combine history with a flawed character..It makes the story come alive.

The character development is wonderful. I most related to Morgund because his life changed in an instant and he was really young. Initially it seems that Morgund would cower behind others. But just as I was getting annoyed with him, he took control of his destiny. At Morgund’s request, Seward becomes his teacher. Seward, with such high moral standards, was perfect for teaching Morgund. Seward definitely shapes the man Morgund becomes.

Morgund and Seward meet quite a few interesting people on their journey. And there’s a bit of the supernatural weaved into the story. They come across a mage and an evil witch. The evil witch bitch was off the charts nasty and manipulative.

The plot is layered, but clearly laid out. There are multiple story lines going on but it’s not confusing.

The setting is very vividly described. I feel like I was on the journey with Morgund and Seward. What they saw, I saw through their eyes.

The only drawback, you could easily get lost in the descriptiveness. That’s not a bad thing for readers that are history buffs.

I recommend this book, especially for husbands/boyfriends on your next vacation.