www.mtv.com: In comic books, there is no shortage of similar characters that are ugly on the outside but beautiful on the inside—or, at the very least, characters that are misunderstood simply because of their appearance.

As a testament to this, here’s a list of five of the most misinterpreted monsters in the comic book world.

From Left: Bartleby, Gary Hampton, Beast, Hellboy, Proof

BARTLEBY THE RAT CREATURE (“Bone”): There are plenty of interesting looking creatures in the world of Jeff Smith’s “Bone,” not the least of which are the Bones themselves…

GARY HAMPTON (“The Astounding Wolf-Man”): Billionaire entrepreneur Gary Hampton never asked to become a werewolf, but when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade…

HANK MCCOY (“X-Men”): Throughout the entirety of mutantkind — which, admittedly, is rather small in current Marvel continuity — there is nobody more mistaken on looks alone than Hank McCoy, better known by his X-Men codename, Beast…

HELLBOY (“Hellboy”): Mike Mignola’s big red devil-like creature has a couple of stigmas to overcome. For one, Hellboy is an absolute menace to behold—but more than that, he’s a literal monster from Hell.

JOHN ‘PROOF’ PRUFROCK (“Proof”): Like Hellboy, the gargantuan sasquatch known as Proof has the unfortunate distinction of monster status despite his role as a monster investigator.

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What do you think of the list of misunderstood monsters?

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