2 star rating
Cat’s Blood: A Short Story of Redemption…and Vampires
By Barb Lee
ISBN# 9781475211177
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Spoilers Ahead!

cats-blood-by barb-leeCat has lived her life as a prisoner to the monsters that go bump in the night; ever since she was seventeen and was taken by a vampire who was attracted to her rare blood.  She is a fire blood and she is intoxicating to vampires which has caused her to be passed on from one vampire to another.  One vampire can only hold on to her until a stronger one comes along to take her as his.  Now she has learned to accept her fate as it is something she cannot change.

That is until she is taken by Henri.  He sweeps her away to San Francisco and nurtures and heals her from the tortures of her previous masters.  He gives everything he can to make her happy until she eventually comes to him of her own free will and offers herself to him.

All the while, Henri has been studying her and using her blood sample to figure out how to change DNA to create more fire bloods so that he will never have to be without the intoxicating meal again.  But, once he has perfected how to create the fire blood, he realizes that he can’t stand sending innocents to their slaughter, knowing that any vampire that comes after him will most likely drink the mortal to death.

He decides that the only thing he can do is to destroy his lab and set Cat free so she can make her own life for herself.  She doesn’t want to leave Henri, but he doesn’t give her a choice in the matter only telling her that one day she will understand.

This is your typical ‘if you love it, let it go’ storyline.  And, we all know the rest of that line goes (or at least a variation of it), ‘if it comes back it was meant to be’.  This is the first story I’ve ever read with such a noble vampire, and I’m sure I will never read another story with a vamp quite like Henri.

I thought this was a decent and quick read.  It kept your interest through to the end, but unfortunately with it being a short story you just don’t have time to fall head over heels in love with the tale.  But I finished the book thinking that it was a cute, if not clichéd, story nonetheless.