ReelzChannel’s Kristin Elliot compiled this list of Choices for the role of Bilbo:

The Hobbit’s executive producer Peter Jackson has said he’s holding off on casting decisions until the first draft of the script is done. But that hasn’t stopped the rampant buzz about who will take on the role of the hobbit himself, Bilbo Baggins. Here’s our analysis of the rumored top contenders to date, plus a few suggestions.

1. Daniel Radcliffe

Fantasy Movies Where You’ve Seen Him: The entire Harry Potter series

Verdict: This one seems like a long shot, furry feet or not. Radcliffe just doesn’t look like a Bilbo. Bilbo’s nerdy cousin Drogo, maybe. And then there’s the small issue of Radcliffe declaring he wouldn’t take the part.


2. James McAvoy

Fantasy Movie Where You’ve Seen Him: The Chronicles of Narnia (Mr. Tumnus)

Verdict: This is his role to lose. Not only is he capable of channeling the pathos of someone undergoing a life-changing journey, he also has the chops to channel the (greater?) pathos of being ridiculed by a band of inconsiderate dwarves. If the role doesn’t go to an unknown, our money’s on McAvoy.

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Hahaha, this is quite a list! I am not sure whether to take this seriously or not? I mean come on…Bruce Campbell and Danny DeVito? Ummm….NO. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Campbell, but only when he has a shotgun for an arm and is fighting the undead! My choice would easily be James McAvoy *swoon*. He would be a perfect Bilbo Baggins!

Who would you choose of these five actors listed?

Do you have a better choice for the role of Baggins?