Today’s Casting Couch is brought to us by OBS Staff member Katlyn

An alien species created from the “Origin” has taken over the Earth and every human body on it. The aliens have come here to create a better world for humans. They are placed inside human host bodies and with those bodies comes the memories and emotions of the previous “owner”. Since all information is given up to the alien the host body appears to be unchanged, and the alien lives the life of the human. The only difference is a small injection scar at the base of the neck and a ring around the iris of the eye when it is exposed to light.

Now a small resistance has been created by the humans, and the Seekers, alien “peace keepers”, are out to finish the job they started on Earth. When a suspected human resistor, Melanie Stryder, is captured and commits suicide to keep her secrets she is injected with a soul named Wanderer. Wanderer is named so because she has had many host bodies from many different planets. She has never felt the need to settle after she has outlived the body. Because of her reputation, Wanderer is chosen to extract the memories of Melanie to find out where the rest of the resistance is.

Melanie – Natalie Portman
Natalie has shown herself time and time again as an AMAZING actress. She looks the part of Melanie and definitely can show her spunk and toughness. On the flip side, she is capable of showing the naiveness that encompasses Wanderer throughout the time in Melanie’s body.

Wanderer – Emilie de Ravin
This casting decision was tough for me, because looking at other dream casts they make Wanderer seem too fragile. When in actuality she is the strongest and most rounded character with her many lifetimes of experience. Emilie looks innocent but has an intelligence that only decades of experience can give her.

Seeker – Lucy Liu
Another tough casting was Seeker. This character is not shown much but her presence is huge in this story. I needed someone to match the strength and intelligence of Melanie/Wanderer and I believe Lucy Liu can live up to the task.

Jared – Ryan Reynolds
I envisioned Jared as a tortured soul during this entire story. He was torn between the body and mind of his life-love. Ryan has proved himself versatile enough to be Jared.

Jamie – Logan Lerman
Just look at this kid, how can you not see Jamie? Being the main player in “Gamer”, Logan has shown his talent to take on the key role of Jamie.

Ian – Cam Gigandet
Cam has the physical and emotional strength as an actor that makes him the icing on the cake to this love quadrangle.

Kyle – Josh Holloway
Josh has shown his capability to be a “woman-hater” in “Lost”. He can play a selfish tough character who is haunted by his past love.

Jeb – Jeff Bridges
Jeff is the FIRST person I thought that could play Jeb honestly. This character makes a lot of tough decisions while keeping the peace with the “wild” humans, while also feeling that every soul should be given a chance.

Sunny – Mila Kunis
Sunny is the cutest and most fun character. She is very passionate while also kind. Mila has the spunk to definitely play this character and calm a disturbed Kyle.

Sharon – Rachel McAdams
Rachel is not shy of her “mean girl” side. Sharon and Maggie play the most vocal part of the wild human resistance against Melanie/Wanderer. Rachel has the capability to play Sharon perfectly.

Maggie – Kathy Bates
Who else can play a cranky, vocal older (wiser) woman? Kathy Bates of course. With her amazing resume, along with Rachel McAdams as Sharon, I would not go against them in an abandoned cave hallway.

Doc – Paul Bettany
Paul is such a versatile actor that could portray the passionate and genuine Doc. His smarts and non-prejudice kindness make a character that could not be played by just anyone.

Do you agree with these castings or would you have cast someone else? Let us know what you think.