Gods & Monsters

Brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

Gods & Monsters is a series by Kelly Keaton that currently consists of the books Darkness Becomes Her and the newly released A Beautiful Evil.  The series is about Ari who has grown up in foster homes her entire life.  Now she has gone on a search for information about her parents and discovers that her and her ancestors have been cursed and that she is a descendant of Medusa.  If she can’t find a way to lift her curse she will suffer the same fate as those before her, to become a full-fledged gorgon at the age of 21 and die.

Here are my choices for casting this series:

Ari-AnnaSophia Robb

Ari is 17 years old and always felt strange with her white hair that could never be altered.  Her and her ancestors are beautiful, but cursed to be gorgons, like Medusa the original carrier of the curse.

Sebastian-Darren Criss

Sebastian is a powerful mistborn, that is a child of a full-blood vampire and a witch.  He has raven black hair and keeps the misfits together.  He has taken a liking to Ari and will do whatever it takes to help her.

Michel-John Cusack

Michel is Sebastian’s father who Sebastian thought had abandoned him as a child, but Ari found him locked away in Athena’s prison.  She was shocked to see how much he looked like Sebastian.  Both Michel and Sebastian are rare as they are male powers in the witch family when the power is usually on the female side of the family.

Theron-Brad Pitt

Theron was a member of Athena’s army that defied her by falling in love with the woman he was supposed to kill, Ari’s mother, and having a child with her.  The Novem traded him back to Athena in exchange for her never coming into their land again.  He has spent most of Ari’s life being tortured by Athena in her prison and has the scars to prove it.

Athena-Nicole Scherzinger

Athena is the Greek Goddess of war and strategy.  She is beautiful with long dark raven hair.  She made a mistake when she cursed Medusa and when the gorgon is fully matured has the power to kill gods as well as humans.  Now she is set on acquiring Ari to use as a weapon.

Violet-Chloe Noelle

Violet is one of the misfits.  She is a young child that is know to carry around her white alligator, Pascal.  She loves to dress up for Mardi Gras year around and oh yeah she has fangs!  She is the only person that has always accepted Ari for who she is.

Henri-Rupert Grint

Henri is another misfit.  He is known for his red hair and scruffy appearance.

Crank-Dakota Fanning

Crank is the other female misfit.  She is young and drives the mail truck even though she is too young to drive in most places, in New 2, age doesn’t matter.  Crank was devastated when her brother was killed and latched onto Sebastian who had similar features and has convinced herself that Sebastian is her brother.

Dub-Todd Ritter

Dub is the last and final misfit.  He survives by robbing graves and selling the things he finds.

So those were my picks…what do you think?  Agree? Disagree?  Who would you cast differently?