Chris brings us a new OBS feature called Casting Couch with OBS.

In honor of Breaking Dawn’s One year Anniversary; We at OBS want your opinions on Who should be casted as the key NEW characters in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

So who do you see playing these interesting new characters:

  • Zafrina from The Amazon Coven
  • Tanya, Eleazar, and Kate from The Denali Coven
  • Peter and Charlotte from The American Nomads
  • And lastly what is your thoughts on the big issue of little Nessie? All CGI or Several different children along with CGI

I have already given this some thought and these are my choices, if I could cast these intensely important roles

  • Zafrina- Thandie Newton:  She is completely capable of playing this long haired, tall Amazon woman, she is not only goregous but has a wild quality about her.
  • Tayna- Evan Rachel Wood: This woman is a phenomenal actress, that embodies the looks of Tanya; strawberry blonde curls, pale, and very beautiful.
  • EleazarJim Sturgess: This actor could play the part of a young Vamp in looks but with a very mature/older soul.
  • Kate- Amanda Seyfried:  This upcoming star has a unique beauty, and chops to go with it, I would love to see her *shock* our Edward.
  • Peter- Milo Ventimiglia:  He has a certain southern innocent quality that reminds me of Peter but can be very quiet.
  • Charlotte- Emily Blunt: This amazing actress could play the stunning southern brunette that caught Pete’s eye!
  • Renesmee- All CGI

So WE at OBS are dying to know?! Who would YOU, the faithful reader pick, and WE want to know WHY as well! Come on, this could be a lot of fun, get creative, really think like a casting agent!!

We will be taking your opinions till August 13th, so think long, hard and fast!!  I will be gathering all your opinions and presenting an article based on your suggestions right HERE on the News Blog!! So Stay tuned…..

Please PM or Email me your choices at