Can’t Go Back

By  Marie Meyer

ISBN: 9781455590971)

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Can’t Go BackReview brought to you by OBS reviewer Andra


When Jillian moved next door, she refused to get out of the car. I climbed into the backseat beside her and promised to never leave her.
Now, I’m driving her a thousand miles away, so she can leave me.

She has to go. What else would she do? Follow me and my band from one cheap bar to another, get hit on by sleazy promoters? Because Jillian would definitely get hit on. She’s the most gorgeous, talented girl I’ve ever known, and she doesn’t even see it.

This scholarship gives Jillian the chance to study at the best design school in the country. It’s what she’s always wanted. I won’t stand in the way of her dreams, no matter how much it hurts to watch her go. I just wish she wasn’t leaving without knowing the truth . . .



Can’t Go Back is a powerful story told from Griffins point of view.  Is this just a story of unrequited love?  Or is it more?  It was interesting and refreshing to read a romance from the male (Griffin’s) point of view.  Of note, the author also wrote this story from the female (Jillian’s) point of view – Across the Distance.  It would be interesting to read that point of view and compare…so it is now on my TBR list ☺

Before I get into all the points I like to make as to why I liked this book…I must admit that at times the storytelling was a bit slow and dragged on…I would get frustrated and wish for the story to be done.  However, I persevered and quite enjoyed the story.

Griffin feels compelled to push Jillian to fulfill her lifelong dream of being a designer. He totally ignores what would make him happy…being with Jillian.  Right from the get go we get the sense that both Griffin and Jillian like each other, but are too afraid, stubborn, whatever adjective you like…to tell each other how they really feel.  Each sees their role in the others life as ancillary as opposed to being a major part of their life – at least from a romantic position.

The rise of Griffin’s musical career is enticing.  I was drawn in and wanted to see how far the band could go.  I loved it when the drummer had to be replaced. The new band member seemed a better fit (at least musically).  What was as well in character and added credibility to Griffin’s love for Jillian is that he could only express himself through his music.  And that song was really good!

I found Griffin’s need to have EVERYTHING perfect before he finally told Jillian about his true feelings for her very noble and romantic.  As well, his concern for their first time together was SO mature (he cared that she had not yet been with anyone) and showed such depth of character.  A bit unrealistic maybe…what early 20 something year old do you know that is that emotional, caring, sweet?  Ah…but this is fiction…so all is good. ☺

I really enjoyed getting to know all the members of the band.  They were a hoot!  If romantic reads are your thing, I highly recommend this book.  I will be looking to pick up more titles by Marie Meyer in the near future, even giving – Across the Distance a read.


*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*