Title:    Candy Cane Crime       

Series: Amish Candy Shop Mystery

By:       Amanda Flower


ISBN13: 9781496726735

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Christmas is coming all too quickly for Harvest, Ohio’s famous chocolatier, Bailey King. Thanks to her new cable TV show, her shop has more candy orders than she can handle this holiday season. Fortunately, her beloved Cousin Charlotte is happy to take the Candy Cane Exchange off Bailey’s to-do list. After all, Charlotte has come to Harvest from her conservative home district to find her future outside of her family’s influence. What better way than by taking on the Englisch task of pairing the sweet notes everyone is exchanging with a peppermint treat, just in time for Christmas Eve delivery? But when Charlotte discovers some of those delicious missives are for her, suddenly she’s staking out the festive postbox, hoping to catch her secret admirer in his intriguing tracks . . .

When Charlotte sees something underhanded going on beneath the merrymaking, she enlists the help of Sheriff Deputy Luke Little to find out if her unknown correspondent is none other than the town’s biggest suspect. And the surprising truth about her suitor’s identity has her contemplating leaving her Amish roots behind forever . . . (Goodreads)


Candy Cane Crime is a novella in the Amish Candy Shop Mystery series (book 5.5) by Amanda Flower. What surprises me is this is the second novella and book that I have read by Amanda Flower. Now that I have devoured two of Ms. Flower’s short reads, I will make an effort to read her full length novels.

The story begins with Charlotte volunteering to be the Candy Cane Exchange coordinator as Bailey King is stretched too thin this holiday season with increased business at the Swissmen Sweets (the Amish candy shop in Harvest, Ohio) as well as running back and forth to New York for her new cable TV show. In this book, the reader is taken on a journey as Charlotte (who is still on her Rumspringa-a period of adolescence in which boys and girls are given greater personal freedom and allowed to form romantic relationships, usually ending with the choice of baptism into the Amish church or leaving the community) gathers the notes that are to be paired with the candy canes and distributed on Christmas Eve to the recipients by local teens from the church.

What sparks Charlotte’s interest is that she discovers she has a secret admirer. In her quest to find out who the admirer is, the reader is presented with numerous possible individuals, and some very funny situations! Do not fear – I am NOT going to tell you who Charlotte’s secret admirer is…that is for you to discover by reading this delightful novella.

What I am going to tell you is that we once again meet up with some beloved (and not so beloved) characters. We get some fun times with Jethro, Juliet’s pot bellied pig as well as the camel, Melchior.

The cover of this novella brought a smile to my face. Very cute!

A fun, quick read which brought a smile to my face and made this reader want to discover more of what goes on in Harvest, Ohio by reading the remainder of the Amish Candy Shop Mystery series.