Cabra Cini Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman: Voodoo Trespass Comic Book Review

Written by OBS Staff Member Rose

Cabra Cini Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman debuted in independent comic Digital Visions, Visionary’s Free Anthology Series, Issue #4. Written by Sam Johnson, Artist and Letterer  Bruno Letizia, and Color Art by Rodrigo Diaz.

Cabra Cini Voodoo Junkie was once a crack addict and abused by her boyfriend. Cini gave up her habit, the vicious boyfriend and started to practice voodoo instead. Bastardizing the craft, she found a way to open a gateway to a limbo land called ‘The Infinity’, ruled by ominous figure named ‘The Rook’. Using ‘The Infinity’, Cini can travel through this alternate underground universe and find missing people in order to make her ‘hits’. All she needed is a photo of the person, a few letters from their name, and a spell and she could find anyone. One such hit is Tom Spelling, who is next on her list. A poor schmuck who took a game way too far. Tom has recently killed his girlfriend, by ‘playing vampire’ and sucking all the blood from her. Funny thing is, he’s no vampire.

Cabra Cini is geared for mature readers, as it is rife with strong language (no symbol swearing here) and violence. However short this first comic story is, it pulls you in with strong character formation, fleshing out details of Cini’s past existence. The panel lay out is smooth and thought captions are the main source of “dialogue” that keeps the story going.

The story begins with Tom Spelling, seen in his apartment, apparently contemplating what he has just done, but swiftly moves along to Cini’s character and her quest to find Tom and where it leads her.

The artistry is gritty, dark, yet colorful and reminds me of the style of old horror comics from the 1970’s. As quickly as the story begins, is as quickly as it leaves off, tempting you with but a snippet, leaving you wanting more. I surely want to know more about Cini and what happens when she finally finds Tom Spelling and you will too.

We can’t wait for the follow up!

You can read this issue online for free at WOWIO. Not only that, it also comes with two other (unrelated) comic stories; Deity: The Darkness and the Light #0 and Gangland Avalon.